Where authentic craftmanship meets Hi Tech innovation

At Dijon Maroquinerie, every single piece of the luxury leather goods we create is designed and handcrafted with respect of the traditions of the trade. At the same time, we embrace modern technology wherever it can enhance our designs.

This is exactly why we have chosen to invest in a high tech cutting plotter, the EliCut K1 Booster by Elitron.

Prototypes & Masters

For each model, a prototype is developed and tested in order to be able to create a final master design. After our research department has designed and developped the models in CAD, each piece of the bag is then cut on this state of the art device, meticulously following the master model.

Productivity & Precision

The cutting plotter is characterized by its versatility because it allows variations in workload and maximization of productivity. A powerful plan suction force ensures that the hides adhere perfectly to the surface during any stage of the processing.

What is really clever is the high resolution video projection system, which allows interactive placement of the template and ensures perfect visibility for our professional artisans. The system also prevents the operator to project the shadow on the cutting plane and assists in the unloading phase.

In sum, the cutting plotter helps Dijon Maroquinerie deliver pieces of exceptional quality, combining tradition and innovation all-in one.