In 1907, Charles Guené created a workshop for the production of costume jewelry and bags made of beads. A perfect fit with the fashion and style of the Golden Twenties, allowing a rapid expansion of the activities.


In 1939, Pierre-Jacques Guené succeeds his father. The company begins producing leather goods under the brand of its customers.


In 1955, the company signs the first worldwide license of a leather goods designer: it is the beginning of a long collaboration with luxury brands and of the industrialisation of manufacturing: the first factory is implanted in Haute-Marne, in the East of France.


In April of this year, the company is taken over by the Belgian captain of industry Joris Ide. Ide is company owner of Lebeau-Courally (specializing in the manufacturing of weapons for hunting and luxury watches). In addition to its production for luxury brands, Dijon Maroquinerie starts producing a first line of goods developed by Lebeau-Courally.


The assortment of leather goods produced at Dijon Maroquinerie is expanded with leather goods for hunting and horseback riding.

The workshop is equipped with a high tech cutting plotter, the EliCut K1 Booster by Elitron. After our research department has designed and developped the models in CAD, each piece is cut on this state of the art device, which features a clever video projection system and a powerful plan suction force.