Quality Check of the Materials

Inspect the quality and technical features of the leather and the different components according to the required specifications


Cut the pieces of leather manually with tools or with an automatic cutting table in order to ensure that the parts are always identical


Add various reinforcements; make sure the leather has the right thickness to take the desired form and touch


Add the brand with heat or with color by using a unique branding iron to gurarantee the origin of the article


Refine the edge of the leather to reduce the thickness when the different pieces are overlaid


Glue together and assemble the first pieces of an article, according to a predefined production range

Dyeing of Pieces

Apply dye to the visible edge of the leather in order to hide the flesh side of the leather or the reinforcements


Stitch across the pieces from one side to the other to keep them permanently assembled


Glue together and assemble the last pieces of an item in its final shape

Final Stitching

Perform the last stitching in the final shape of the article and finish it

Final Dyeing

A final layer of color is applied to the last pieces that have been assembled in their final shape


Cleaning and quality check of a product that has come out of production


Last visual check-up and putting the item in a protective cover before packing and shipping